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celebrate election day – unless you live in these states

democrat republican election day wineGrapefriend is non-partisan because wine is for everyone, but I think most people will be quite happy when all the bashing posts stop. That alone probably upped wine sales in the past two months. Now that it’s Election Day, we’re almost in the clear. Unfortunately, a few states legally won’t be able to celebrate with wine!

In Kentucky and South Carolina, it’s illegal to buy alcohol on Election Day. In Alaska and Massachusetts, they can only drink if localities allow exceptions. And Utah bans retail sales.

The laws were created because back in Prohibition, bars and saloons were often where people voted so they decided not to allow drink sales until voting was over. Uh, bars are definitely not where people vote anymore, so it’s sort of mindboggling that any state still has these laws in place.

As for the rest of us, drink up! Regardless of your party leanings, every American can celebrate the fact that we’re allowed to vote.


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