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baseball grapefriends, kind of

San Francisco Giants pitcher Clay Hensley

SF Giants pitcher Clay Hensley poppin his bub

Love this: Wine Spectator is doing a running count of what kind of bubbly baseball teams are spraying in the locker room when they win. I don’t watch baseball unless the Yankees are in the playoffs, mostly because I devote enough of my time and gray hair to football. But I love a good grapefriend sports tally! So far here’s what’s been popped, along with grapefriend’s own assessment:

The Reds: Korbel. Apparently some players wore protective goggles – I get that they’re athletes, but it still seems really nerdy. Anyway, most of them sprayed Budweiser, even filling trophy with it. grapefriend factor: 3. Korbel sucks.

San Francisco Giants: Mumm Napa Brut Napa Valley Prestige.” grapefriend factor: 8. Mumm Napa is awesome.

Atlanta Braves: Chateau Ste. Michelle Brut Columbia Valley (and Bud). grapefriend factor: 5. CSM is decent.

Washington Nationals: Korbel. grapefriend factor: 3. What’s with all this Korbel?? Someone tried to force feed it to me at an office thing yesterday. Pass.  

New York Yankees: Mumm Napa. grapefriend factor: 8 Woot woot, NY!!!

Oakland Athletics: Domaine Chandon. grapefriend factor: 7. Love Domaine Chandon.

Detroit Tigers: Fre Brut sparkling wine – huh? Apparently this has less than 0.5% alcohol. grapefriend factor: 1

Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers: nothing. BOOOO.  grapefriend factor: 0

St. Louis Cardinals: no info. grapefriend factor: TBD

Nicely done, baseballers. No one’s really brought it yet, but I do really like how all these teams are going American sparkler – it is baseball after all.


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