grape juice

port tasting extravaganza!

Had one of the best tasting experiences! We got to try 21 ports from Croft, Taylor’s and Fonseca – 21! And it was 11am!

Was amazing to try all of these and compare the different house styles. Croft is kind of spicy and chocolatey, Taylor’s is elegant and complex and phenomenal, and Fonseca is more muscular but super smooth. Natasha Bridge (head blender, whose family owns them all and who is completely cool) described Taylor’s as yoga and Fonseca as pumping iron.

I’ve always been more into the rubier reserves and vintage ports, but now I’m hooked on tawny. My favorite was the Taylor’s 40 year – so nutty, caramelly and yum! It’s only about $235 a bottle, so I’m probably in a bit of trouble when I get back to the states addicted to 40s.

More next week!





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