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gone gruner

gruner winzer krems brokenAs we know, my fridge is packed as much as it possibly can be with wine. A total dream for many people, but this fact of a wine blogger’s world comes with its perils, too. Namely, this: The other day I was trying to get a bottle out from the under layer on my second shelf. The top bottles started falling and suddenly – CRASH! Horror of grapey horror, one of them shattered on the floor, Gruner quickly seeping everywhere. Being grapefriend, I still tried to sip some of it out of the bottle’s bottom. I got too scared of glass shards cutting my throat and me dying on the floor all alone in my apartment, so I stopped. But those few sips were really good.

gruner veltliner winzer kremsI was doubly bummed because I haven’t talked much about Gruner this summer, and it’s a great wine for the season. I was all set to have a Gruner funeral for the bottle on grapefriend, but the publicist was incredibly kind enough to send me another bottle. I managed to keep this one intact, and thankfully so since it was as good and interesting as I thought from those tiny sips.

Gruner is Austria’s claim to fame for white wine. I usually find most of them really grassy and herbal – which I love – but people always talk about it having some white pepper, and I finally detected a lot of it in this one. A little spritzy on the tongue, medium body, good acid, and all that spicy pepper. Really cool.

Even cooler? It’s only $12! You can buy it here and then thank grapefriend for turning you on to a killer value wine that’s also awesome.

BTW, since my original Gruner was gone, I decided to title this post after Gone Girl which I just finished reading. If you’ve read it, you know that Amy is anything BUT a grapefriend. Wine wants nothing to do with such things, but my broken bottle horror merited a reference to the horrors in the book.


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