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badass bikers love wine!

My friend works for Kiehl’s and every year goes on this LifeRide with them, where a bunch of badbass bikers and celebs two-wheel it 1800 miles from Miami to DC to support National HIV/AIDS Awareness Month. This is the third year, and she was telling me stories of lots of riding and even more partying. Now when I think biker, I’m picturing tequila, beer, and other badbass dude drinks. BUT NO!!!

When they were in North Carolina, they went to Biltmore Wine for dinner. And then I got these pics texted to me:

marguerite moreau

Marguerite Moreau with the Cardinal’s Crest

Ami James – tats and wine! I want this to be my profile picture.

Tricia Helfer with the Zinfandel

These are the best-looking bikers I’ve ever seen. John Corbett was also on the ride but I didn’t get a pic of him drinking wine (I hope he’s a grapefriend…) – he does look pretty damn psyched on a bike though:

john corbett kiehl's

Kiehl’s is donating $100,000 to AmFar and also giving $1 for every Like they get on their Facebook page, so click away.


2 thoughts on “badass bikers love wine!

  1. Yes, John did drink wine (we all did) but the stereotype of the “badass” biker is a 1970’s Hollywood creation that some riders try to emulate. However, these Hollywood celebs are real riders and this Kiehl’s adventure was reality. What a incredible experience it was.

    • Sounds like it was phenomenal! Enjoyed seeing all the pictures throughout the trip and was jealous of the winery stop. I still think bikers are badass, but I think wine drinkers are badass too – so there’s the explanation of my definition! 🙂 Cheers…

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