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demented fermented fashion

This is so gross!!!!! Supposedly, these people in Australia made a dress out of wine. I have my doubts about the authenticity of this story since all of the links to the alleged website haven’t worked since last night. But the pictures were so disgusting that I had to show them to grapefriends.

wine dress

at least this pic would pair well with CHEESE

wine dress

shameless ploy on their part for boys’ hopes of side boob

wine dress

it’s actually running down her back! EWWWWW

wine dress

why is she in a hospital?

wine dress

what??? this is just making me think it’s a joke even more

They say that this is how it’s made: vats of wine produce cellulose, which forms the material in cell walls of plants. Layers of this slimy stuff are then put onto a mannequin, and when the dress takes shape the mannequin is deflated. Depending on the kind of wine used, the delicate fabric that’s created will either be red (red wine) or translucent (white wine or beer). Some have said the fabric actually smells like wine and feels like “sludge” when wet, and that if the dress dries up the fabric will tear. What??? How could you ever wear this? You’d reek. And be naked.

Auf Wiedersehen, Wine Dress.


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