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drink me: quivira grenache

all “drink me” posts this week feature wines that are green in some way – they might not all have earthy notes, but they’re earth-friendly! 

grape: Grenache

producer: Quivira. They farm their vineyards biodynamically and organically and are 100% solar powered – check it out. Their labels all have elements of their biodynamic farms. Grenache has the goat: “Throughout the years, goats have played an important role in managing Biodynamic vineyards. In the spring and summer months, vineyard workers would lead the goats to the surrounding riparian areas to feast on the plants that housed insects that could threaten the vines. Organic and efficient, goats will happily mow down weeds with robust appetite.”

country: USA

region: Sonoma, Dry Creek Valley

year: 2009

price: $26

yum factors: Grenache is awesome and could totally be the Spice Girls’ theme song: Black pepper (I love any black pepper notes in wine) mixed with red berries. Very smooth for a spicy wine. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

buy it: here


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