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mad men to wine: you’re my king

This week’s episode was as painful for grapefriend as it was for Pete’s face. There was SO much potential for wine and such a lack of it. Let’s review the opportunities.

First, Lane goes to the pub to watch the match – I wouldn’t expect wine to be served even in a modern pub so I’ll let this slide. When they were eating, the Jaguar guy’s wife was drinking out of a wine glass but it looked brown so I don’t think it was wine, which no one else at the table was drinking either.

Then there was Lane’s solo dinner with the Jaguar guy, but Roger had already advocated for the melted-ice scotch so I knew that wasn’t gonna happen.

I had HUGE hopes for Trudy’s dinner party in Cos Cob. Can you imagine any modern day dinner party in Connecticut with out tons of wine??? Alas, in the 60’s they apparently served some sort of “big and brown” punch and orange punch.

No, this episode we had to leave it to the dudes at dinner. Accompanying the cute little lobster bibs, wine finally made an appearance!

On closer inspection, only the Jaguar guy and Pete were drinking wine (Jaguar Guy’s wine glass behind the lamp and one in front of Pete):

It makes total sense that Pete would order what the client ordered. Don’t know what kind it was other than white, but my favorite wines with lobster are White Burgundy and Chablis (they’re both Chardonnay, but not the over-oaked California kind). Anyway, this ups our count by two!

Mad Men season 5 wine count: 7


2 thoughts on “mad men to wine: you’re my king

  1. Don’s drink order “big and brown”, refers to his usual large rocks glass filled with a whiskey (brown). It’s most likely bourbon on the rocks or a blended whiskey on the rocks.

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