pop grape

ramona singer is a grapefriend

can you spot the one true grapefriend here? (pic from hollywood reporter)

I’ve bashed Ramona for loving Pinot Grigio, but there’s one thing I’ll say for her: she loves her wine, and that means she’s a grapefriend.

I was hysterical reading this Hollywood Reporter story where she’s trying to get everyone to drink her wine:

Would anyone like a glass of wine?” asks Ramona Singer, the petite, blonde and manic star of Bravo’sThe Real Housewives of New York. It’s lunchtime, and the Pinot Grigio-guzzling 54-year-old — known for her erratic onscreen behavior and unfiltered commentary — is doubling (not at anyone’s request, mind you) as an on-set bartender during an Oct. 17 photo shoot for this publication. Dressed in a tight-fitting, blue satin cocktail dress, she flits around the Hollywood studio, swishing in and out of dressing rooms, offering anyone within shouting distance a taste of “Ramona,” the label she launched in 2010.

“It’s half the price-point of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and tastes better,” she says of the six-plus bottles her assistant has delivered, before adding, “Blind-tested!” …

“I made it very classic, so it outlives the show,” Singer continues, pouring a glass for a Bravo publicist who reluctantly accepts before offering a sample to Caroline Manzo (New Jersey) and Vicki Gunvalson (Orange County). Both decline, barely looking up from their phones.

Amazing! No one cares about the wine and she’s still trying to get them to taste it! Love her now, though I definitely want to blind taste her on some non-PG wine and see if I can wean her off it. Stay tuned!

Btw, Ramona PG goes for about $12 and is from Italy’s Veneto region. Santa Margherita PG is about $20 but comes from Alto Adige, probably the only region in Italy that makes whites I like. However, I’d recommend a Kerner from that region – tasty and crisp! Let the taste-testing ensue.

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