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wine bottle christmas tree!

Merry Christmas, grapefriends!!! Thought you’d like a glimpse of the tree I made out of the bottles I drank this year. What a monument to merriment!

Just kidding – I found this pic online. Don’t know what wacky grapefriend made this, but I love it!

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas full of great wine and even better people to drink it with! Follow along on Twitter and Instagram @grapefriend!


12 thoughts on “wine bottle christmas tree!

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! The bottle tree, very cool, very terrifying. I have two dogs with big swooshy tails and I see that tree lasting about 5 minutes. I also am very clumsy. Maybe if we surrounded it with a safety fence of some kind?

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  3. Did you find out? I’m trying the same in Gainesville or nearby towns. Alachua county. Also, how do you do the whole connecting the camper/rv to the septic system, electricity, and water?

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