stars - they're just like wine!

elizabeth olsen – she’s just like wine!

Day 2 of Bubbly Week. And in the land of bubbly, Champagne rules. But here’s a big secret: Crémant is almost as good and way cheaper!!!

It’s made the same way (second fermentation in the bottle you’ll be buying) and Crémant du Bourgogne even uses the same grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier). But like a bitchy older sister who won’t let you borrow her clothes, Champagne won’t let anyone else use its name unless it’s actually from the region of Champagne.

she’s not drinking champagne but she’s wearing it

Basically it’s like you wanted to cast Mary-Kate Olsen in that 80 M-name movie but you couldn’t afford her so you went with her younger sister Elizabeth. Same parents, good looking, possibly more talented. She she doesn’t have the cache of MK so your box office won’t be as high, but you’ll still have a good movie.

Elizabeth Olsen is Crémant.

I see way more Prosecco and even Cava on any wine by the glass list. But I have seen Crémant BTG at Soho House and the Standard. Much trendier you can not get.

If Elizabeth Olsen gets nominated her asking price will go up. And if Crémant continues to infiltrate (hello, it even got its own grapefriend post!) it, too, could get pricier. Enjoy it now!


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