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So the Grammy noms came out yesterday and I have to say the Best New Artist category confused me quite a bit. Who ARE these people? grapefriend had to do some research not only on who they were but of course what their association with wine is in order to determine my vote. (Note: I don’t actually vote for the Grammys. I did used to vote for the VMAs, but then i started working at MTV and couldn’t vote anymore. Now I just vote for more wine.)

the band perry

The only wine association I can find is that they’ve performed in the Bing Lounge and so has Iron & Wine. Also, based on name alone these people aren’t getting my vote.

bon iver

At a concert in August, lead singer Justin Vernon said that the song “Towers” was about drinking wine and losing your virginity in college dorms. We’ve got a grapefriend in the house!

j. cole

There’s a winery called J. Cole Wines that makes single-vineyards Syrah and Zin around California. Actually sounds sort of decent but the website is a little cheesy, plus this isn’t the J. Cole we’re talking about.


All I could find was that he uploaded a Twitpic last year of two people having  a sunset wine in Sydney near the Opera House. Not really good enough, Skrilly.

nicki minaj

She’s featured on Trey Songz’ “Bottoms Up” where she says “I was like, Yo Trey, do you think you could buy me a bottle of rosé?”

A close race, but grapefriend has to go with… Bon Iver! Who gets your grape?

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