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I’ve never been to any festival in the desert, including Coachella. If I’m going to a grimy, heat-filled and crowded all-day jam fest, I want to leave at the end of the day, shower well and kick back in style with some refreshing champs. Apparently, I can now do that at Burning Man of all places.

I hear that Krug had a chichi dinner in the desert last month. Both Town & Country and W reported on it (though, mysteriously, the W online link is no longer active). I also read through a long chat forum of people bemoaning the infiltration of Burning Man – not surprising and, frankly, justified. Oddly, they were mostly vocal about how it was gross that no one cleaned up after the dinner.

Still, don’t you want to be at this thing??? I’ll take a glass of Krug anywhere but champs is always especially good when you’re hot and thirsty.


3 thoughts on “burning bubbles

  1. ugh. it’s not odd that people were complaining about the mess left by the krug crew. Leave No Trace. That means hired help do not clean up after you.

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