grape juice

nailing that wine scent

"letttttttt the rosé runnnnnnnn...."

This is just random and odd. Gallo came out with nail wraps that you stick to your nails, and when you rub them they give off scents of their Merlot Rosé (which, according to them, is ripe plum, blueberry and hints of cranberry).

A marketing person from Gallo explained:

Quote #1: “Nail wraps are the latest craze to hit the beauty industry.” They are? For this, I take you to my friend Gwen Flamberg, beauty editor at US Weekly. She says, “I think these sound like Minx type things which aren’t called nail wraps in the states.” Minx are these nail coverings that you can get at a salon where they heat a decal and put it on your nails, though they don’t smell. Kardashians are big fans. Other than the name distinction, Gwen’s (sort of) on board: “Scratch ‘n sniff wino nails – hilarious!!!”

Quote #2: “By producing the first ever scented version we have created an innovative marketing vehicle that will allow us to engage with women outside of the wine isle, ensuring maximum visibility for the brand and ultimately driving sales.” Wine “isle”??? Yeesh. Maybe someone was too busy drinking all that Merlot rosé and rubbing their nails to proofread their quote!

I’m missing summer and all the rosé that comes with it, but I’m not sure I want it on my nails. If, however, you have a thing for the movie Working Girl and your office doesn’t allow deskside rosé, go for it and grab some here. It’s a UK site but I really can’t imagine they wouldn’t have some they’d like to get off their hands – no pun intended.

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