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felluga found!!!

Eataly? More like Drinkaly.

When I was living in Rome I had the Livio Felluga Sauvignon Blanc one night and loved it. I hate when people say place-droppy shit like that – it’s so Jay McInerney in almost every one of his WSJ On Wine posts. But since it’s just true and relevant to what I’m writing about, I did it.

Anyway when I got home, I couldn’t find the Sauv Blanc anywhere – only the Pinot Grigio as we know. So the guy at our local wine store in the Berkshires special ordered it for us, but I haven’t had it since. Then I found it at Eataly! It was pretty exciting.

purple label, like a rare bird...

They had a ton of Livio Felluga wines which looked cool on the shelf  because I love their label. It’s this cool hand-drawn map on a cream background, though apparently they also have one purple label too on one of their reds. I went on their site and found this adorable story about the label. It’s kind of long, but worth reading a few paragraphs about Livio’s background.

Great wines from Friuli in northern Italy – drink ’em if you find ’em!

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