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dallas most eligible wine

I think this is Tara, but it might be that other blonde girl. And she's not with the Ferrari guy but there's wine on the table so let's just go with it.

It’s official. I will literally watch anything on Bravo. I thought it couldn’t get worse than Miami Social, but last night along came Dallas Most Eligible.

It was quite bad, but I did like that many people were drinking wine. My favorite scene was when Tara sits down with the Ferrari guy whose name I can’t remember and orders a Sauvignon Blanc. When asked between two wines, she chooses the one from California because she has to go American. And then she says she’d order a Texan wine if there was one. Well, Tara, you’re in luck!

Every state in American makes wine. Maybe the place you were at just didn’t serve one from Texas, which isn’t very pro-Texas of them and I guess goes against your rabid State Love.

Here are a few fun facts about Texas wine. Bear with me, I needed to restore a few brain cells:

• It’s the fifth largest state producer of wine in the U.S.

• Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are widely planted, but critic Oz Clarke thinks too many French varietals have been planted and Italian ones would be better: Vermentino, Dolcetto, Falanghina, Verdicchio, Sangiovese, Barbera, Nero d’Avola.

• Last year, grape production was up 44% over the previous one

So now Tara might know as much about Texan wine as she does about stealing homeless dogs and getting engaged!

this is how excited Tara will be when she gets to drink Texan wine


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