free run juice

beyond everything


In my ideal world, from now on I wouldn’t drink any wine younger than I am. This was top 3 on my list of Best Wines Ever. Words can almost not describe, but I was an English/Creative Writing major so I have to attempt.

The smoothest wine I’ve ever had.

Can’t even put into a red fruit/black fruit category. It was beyond that. And I wouldn’t quite say fig, but in some place between them that I’ll now just dub “amazing wine world fruit-fig taste place.”

Orange rim – every day, all the time, from now until the end of time.

Only major flaw: makes 97% of what I usually drink taste like dreck.

I need to come up with a word that is better than “yum” and even better than “yum balls.” Beyond. Miles above.

It’s been a good night.


i'm a lonely bottle now, but was good while i lasted


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