you deserve a grape today

you deserve a grape today, debt ceiling voters!

This is a completely non-partisan post, but after all that hemming and hawing these people have spent a lot of time in rooms with ugly carpeting and probably really need a glass. I don’t know the minute details of what went down. I do, however, know that Boehner is deluded about the pronunciation of his name – and you know Barack and Michelle totally make fun of it in private. Obama met my friend’s ex who co-created Chappelle’s Show and he and Michelle said they were super into the show – come on, they’re cool.

Anyway, let’s give these people something that perseveres in rough terrain, like a Bonny Doon Syrah from the Santa Cruz Mountains (which has some of California’s highest elevation vineyards on ridge tops and is a notoriously rugged place to grow grapes). And raise a glass most of all to the peeps who listen to other points of view.


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