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friend request: monastrell

I’ve been on a Spanish wine tear lately, and Monastrell is one of my favorite grapes from there. So yummy – heavy, inky, blackberry, spicy. It’s like a punch in the mouth in the best way possible.

(Btw, in France it’s called Mourvèdre, and it’s usually blended with Grenache and Syrah in the Rhone region.)

Really it’s best for winter because it’s bold and intense, but I’ve been obsessed with it for months and this week had a sweet one which was AMAZING so I had to do a little post about it. On the way to dinner, my friend had been telling me he tried a sweet Monastrell and when we got to the restaurant they had one which was coincidental and awesome.

Learn it, drink it, become friends!

Amazing ones to buy and try:


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