pop grape

cougars love wine

big joe, big carl, and tv's best grapefriend

Have we ever heard of more awesome TV grapefriends than the “Cougar Town” people? No!

The return date of Courteney Cox’s “Cougar Town” was just announced and it’s a doozy – Valentine’s Day, aka day when so many people grab the vino if they’re Valentine-less. Unless they don’t care about Valentine’s Day, in which case they still grab vino.

Anyhow, on the show Courteney’s character Jules is a HUGE grapefriend and even named her wine glass Big Joe, but then she broke that one and got another – Big Carl. Freaking genius. I am especially into this fact since I recently just named one of my wine glasses too (post coming when CT debuts, how excited are you? SO.)

(pics: abc)

The show’s co-creator Bill Lawrence tweeted yesterday that if you stay in and watch “I’ll send you a bottle of wine…¬†Serious about wine. Trying to obtain a wine sponsor to send out free vino to whoever stays in V-day and watches CT. Stay tuned.”

AMAZEBALLS. But come on, Bill – the answer’s right next to you! Tap into your ABC family and get Bachelor winemaker Ben Flajnik to set up some cougars with his Envolve wines. That’s a duh.

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